Refunds Policy

1. General Provisions

This policy applies to all orders placed through this website or other available means of communication and accepted for processing.


Website: An internet resource consisting of a graphical interface located at and configured to accept orders for remote purchasing services of goods and related actions.

Customer: A legal or physical person (individual user of this website) placing an order for Services.

Provider: Agency "SIJER FROST".

Order: Customer's instruction with information about the desired product and its location, along with the funds for purchasing the product.

Parcel: Packaged goods intended for shipment by mail or specialized delivery service.

2. Return Policy

Refund is only possible if the amount transferred by the Customer to the Provider's account has not been used to pay for goods or services. If the goods have already been purchased or services related to order fulfillment have been paid for, such funds are considered used for their intended purpose and are not subject to refund.

Refunds are also not possible in the following cases:

  • The parcel with the order was detained by customs or rejected by the customs authority, or other issues with customs clearance of the parcel occurred, except when the Customer deliberately refuses to pay taxes and fees related to customs clearance.
  • The Customer deliberately refuses to pay taxes and fees incurred when passing their order through customs.
  • The parcel with the order reached the Customer's post office, but for some reason, they did not receive it (the parcel was returned to the sender after the storage period, or it was disposed of).
  • The Customer provided an incorrect delivery address.
  • The parcel with the order reached the Customer's post office, but the tracking number shows an unsuccessful delivery status (failed delivery attempt, recipient absent, etc.), but after the expiration of the storage period, it was not returned to the sender or disposed of (erroneous status assignment by the postal service, the parcel was delivered, but the status was not updated).
  • The parcel with the order was lost due to the fault of the postal service or a third-party carrier.
  • Force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, war, quarantine, or pandemics.

3. Risks and Fraud

Purchasing goods online, especially from individuals or on platforms of social networks, forums, and private advertising portals, may involve risks and potential fraud. These risks include:

  • Incomplete or misrepresented product descriptions: Sellers may provide incomplete or deliberately distorted information about their products, leading to misunderstanding on the part of the buyer.
  • Exaggeration of consumer properties: Sellers may exaggerate the characteristics and quality of products, which can lead to disappointment upon receiving the item.
  • Unfair performance of obligations: Sellers may fail to fulfill their obligations regarding the sale of goods or fail to meet the terms of the transaction.
  • Fraud by sellers: Some sellers may engage in fraudulent activities, including deception to obtain money without providing the goods or providing low-quality goods.

The Provider is not responsible for the actions of third parties, including acts of fraud and theft on their part. Additionally, the Provider does not guarantee the quality of the product, its compliance with the description, actual condition, appearance, properties, performance, and other characteristics. The Customer assumes all risks and responsibilities when purchasing goods through the specified internet resources.

4. Other Conditions

Payment system commissions, as well as exchange rate differences, are deducted from the refund amount and are not subject to reimbursement.