This is a very important step on the way to creating an order.

It will require effort, as you may need time to understand new money transfer methods.

We are sure you will succeed!

* Some of these methods may not work (for various reasons), but that's okay! If a method doesn't work, just use another one.

  • Currency

    International bank transfer (IBAN, SWIFT) by details.

    Transfer via specialized services*

  • Cryptocurrency

    Transferring coins to cryptocurrency wallets:

    • USDT
    • BTC
    • ETH
  • PayPal

    Attention, when using this payment option - the total amount increases by 15%

Since payment for goods and other related services is made in a currency other than the one you use to transfer funds, a currency conversion takes place. The conversion rate is always higher than what you can find from official sources such as your country's central bank. This is because we use third party exchangers for currency conversion and exchangers always include a surcharge for their services. The rate is affected by: the method of transfer, the amount of money, and the current volatility in the market. Therefore, the conversion rate of your currency into Brazilian reals will be determined individually.

Identity Verification

If you have not previously encountered any of the specialized payment systems providing money transfer abroad or exchange systems selling cryptocurrency, please note: in order to send funds from your account, you are required by law to provide identification information.

KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer, is a procedure that mandates all financial institutions, including cryptocurrency exchanges, to identify and verify the identity of each customer. This must be done prior to allowing them to engage in any financial transactions. This measure safeguards companies from the risk of dealing with fraudsters and terrorists, ensuring the security of clients' assets.

This site does not process payments. All payments are made through specialized payment services.