Shipping goods
from Russia:

  • Assistance in remote shopping.
  • Buying and shipping goods to your address.
  • Reliable intermediary.
  • Help with payment by Russian cards “MIR”.

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There are the following restrictions on parcel size and weight:
Изображение гири, символ меры веса
Изображение коробки, символ меры объема

10 kg
(22 lbs)


60x60x40 cm
(23.5 x 23.5 x 15.7 in)


Forwarding is done by regular mail.

Two types of dispatch are available:
Логотип почты России EMS
Логотип государственной почты России Russian Post

EMS (Express)


In some cases delivery by the following courier services is possible:
Логотип BXB delivery
Логотип CDEK

BXB delivery

CDEK delivery

There are restrictions! It is necessary to specify which type of shipping is available for your country.

What is forwarding?

Service that helps you to buy goods remotely from online stores that do not send orders abroad and do not accept payments from your country.

As a buying and shipping service provider, I help people from abroad who face obstacles when trying to buy goods in Russia.

If you are unable to buy directly from the Russian site due to lack of international shipping (or restrictions on shipping to your country), I can act as an intermediary. I will purchase the item on your behalf and ship it to your address abroad.

  • Purchasing products from provided links to products in online stores.
  • Combining multiple items into one parcel.
  • Payment on sites that accept only Russian cards or payments from Russian citizens only.
  • Several options for transferring money.
  • Packing, processing and postage to your country.


Base commission

from 8% to 12%

on the value of the product(s)

minimum commission rate ₽ 1500,00 (RUB)

It is mandatory to pay
  • delivery from the online store to an address in Russia;
  • packing material (the cost of packing depends on the size and weight of the goods);
  • payment for postal services (in accordance with the tariffs of postal companies);
  • payment system fees;
Additional charge
  • receiving your order from a delivery point (post office, online store's self-delivery point, postamat, etc.);
  • packaging of bulky items;
  • buying more than 4 items from different stores;
  • fulfillment of special wishes and requests;

Please note the countries we cannot ship to

International Shipping Stop List

Attention, please! Postal exchange of Russia with the countries of the European Union and some other countries is absent! *






















                                            Stages of receiving the service


                                            Leave a free-form request, but don't forget to attach a link to the product, its description and indicate your country.


                                            You will be sent a preliminary estimate of the total cost of services, which includes: the cost of your goods, local shipping, packing and other related costs, international shipping and forwarding commission.


                                            The payment is divided into two stages to precisely control your costs, thus avoiding overpayments or surcharges. At this stage, send the first part of the payment (in the amount of the cost of the product itself and the cost of its delivery to my office).

                                            Packaging and processing

                                            Once I receive your item, I will form the package and calculate the final cost for shipping (at postal rates).

                                            Final payment

                                            After receiving the full amount, I will ship your package and you will receive a photo and tracking number.

                                            International shipping

                                            Next comes the post, which will deliver your package. The post is responsible for the delivery time and safety of the parcel. As parcels cross country borders, please check your country's customs regulations before ordering to avoid problems.


                                            Depending on your country's postal services, the parcel will be delivered by a postman or it will be waiting for you at the post office.

                                            Restrictions on types of goods

                                            Strictly prohibited
                                            Cultural values

                                            Items of cultural value, exhibits, art or other cultural property, etc. are prohibited for transportation.

                                            Weapons, knives, explosives and ammunition

                                            Knives, fireworks, any firearms and their parts, ammunition, percussion, throwing, stabbing and cutting objects cannot be sent. Also prohibited for shipment are replicas that are structurally similar to real weapons.


                                            It is prohibited to send jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones, diamonds (treated or uncut), pearls, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum).

                                            Means of payment

                                            Any means of payment, including real money in any form (paper, coins), checks, bank cards, cryptocurrencies are prohibited for sending.

                                            Chemicals, Narcotic and Poisonous substances

                                            Organic chemicals; inorganic chemicals; radioactive elements, toxic and infectious materials.

                                            Tobacco and nicotine products

                                            Tobacco, tobacco products, any nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes.


                                            Videos, DVDs, magazines, etc. are prohibited for transportation.

                                            Pressurized gases and paints

                                            Oxygen cylinders, cosmetic products in aerosol format, airbag rudders, gas shock absorbers, bleach, paints cannot be shipped

                                            Dual-use goods

                                            For example, bulletproof vests, gas masks, army/police uniforms, etc. Technical means intended for the covert acquisition of information by wiretapping or surveillance, pirated products, counterfeit products, counterfeit goods protected by copyright or registered trademark.

                                            Flammable and explosive substances

                                            Flammable liquids and solids.

                                            Separate battery

                                            Batteries and lithium cells.

                                            Animals, their parts and skins. Fish, birds, insects.

                                            Prohibited for transportation are any animals, fish, birds, insects (including larvae, pupae, etc.), raw hides, skins, leather, furs, articles made of them; as well as skins, claws, teeth and any body parts of animals belonging to rare and protected species, as well as articles made of them (e.g. ivory, turtle shell, shark fins, horns, coral, mother-of-pearl, etc.).

                                            There are restrictions
                                            Luxury goods

                                            luxury brands products and expensive goods with a height price

                                            Non-jewelry and stones

                                            Products made of precious and semi-precious materials, watches, decorations, semi-precious stones

                                            Fur and leather products

                                            Items of clothing made of artificial and natural fur, artificial and natural leather (a certificate with information about the material is required).

                                            Vitamins and dietary supplements

                                            Some countries prohibit parcels containing such contents.


                                            Some countries prohibit parcels containing such contents.

                                            Products for adults

                                            Sex toys made of silicone and thermoplastic rubber, lubricants and condoms are prohibited from shipping.

                                            Measuring devices

                                            Compasses, rangefinders, theodolites, total stations, thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, manometers, heat meters, gas meters, levels (electronic and non-electronic); navigational instruments, night vision devices, thermal imagers, parts and accessories thereof, air or space navigation devices; instruments used in geodesy, topography, photogrammetric surveying, hydrography, oceanography, hydrology, meteorology or geophysics, and spare parts thereof.

                                            Plants and wild medicinal raw materials

                                            Plants and their parts, seedlings, fruits, seeds, soil, juices and extracts of these plants, as well as endangered plants included in the Red Books of the EAEU countries are prohibited for transportation.

                                            Take advantage of the service

                                            Fill out an application
                                            Leave a request and we will contact you to discuss the details.

                                            Let's get acquainted!


                                            Привет (prɪ:vet), Hi!

                                            My name is Sergey, I am an entrepreneur from Russia.

                                            Previously, I was actively involved in selling on the popular eBay platform, where I had my seller page here.

                                            However, due to the restrictions imposed on Russian citizens, the ability to sell on such online platforms is now limited. Because of this, I decided to change my business model and now offer services for shipping goods from Russia.

                                            I have been successfully doing this business since 2020 and many customers around the world are satisfied with the quality of my services.

                                            If you have a need to order goods you are interested in from Russia, I will be glad to help you. Contact me and we will discuss all the details of your order.



                                            Omsk city, Russia

                                            Cell phone:

                                            +7 999 470 1485

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