Shopping Assistant (I’ll help buy it in Russia 4U) and Forwarder

If you prefer to shop at sites such as Amazon (Amazon) or eBay (eBay) and often buy things from abroad, why not try to use the services of an intermediary in thouse country from which you would like to purchase.
The main advantages of this method:

  • an individual approach
  • wider opportunities in the search for goods
  • wider range of goods (there aren’t apply restrictions of marketplace)
  • useful tips and help
  • the real opportunity to save money

Thanks for visit my website!
Here I sell some goods online.
But also I can buy and send for you a different products from Russia.

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Shopping Assistant and Forwarder

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Shop in Russia from Anywhere.

My service is including shopping assistance and parcel forwarding.
Package forwarding is particularly useful to international shoppers who want to buy something from Russia when the seller doesn’t ship abroad or for instance when consolidation is required (for more economy).

I’m often contacted by buyers who are genuinely interested in specific items they have seen for sale in Russia, either in physical & online stores or advertis, but the vendors for some reason are hard to reach, have a policy to post only domestically, won’t dispatch to PO Boxes, apply exorbitant shipping rates, sell products only available to the European/Asian markets, etc. etc…

In these cases I can help you in the contact phase if needed, for instance if the seller is unresponsive or somehow uncooperative with someone who calls from abroad and/or can’t speak Russian properly or I can assist you with your online purchase, like filling in an Russian form or profile for example. In any case once you have identified the item you need, irrespective of whether you purchase the goods yourself or you want me to buy them for you (assisted purchase/pick-up), I will provide a parcel forwarding service thanks to which you will give the trader the Russian address; upon reception, and inspection if required, I will immediately forward your goods to the address you provide.

Get my help ordering goods from Russia:

How it works?

  • Сontact me
    in any convenient way (social media, e-mail, whatsapp, telegram).
  • Create a delivery request
    give me a link or any description.
  • I’ll help you find the goods
    If You don’t know how to buy or where to buy?
  • Transfer the money
  • I will process your order
    I will buy out your goods, accept them in my office.
  • Additional services is free
    I’ll take a photo of the goods, fill out the customs declaration, put off on storage, combine several applications with your goods into one package.
  • I send the package with your order to you
Create a request
Send a free-form application to your e-mail or messenger.
Make a prepay for the goods
After your request I'll process your order and issue an invoice. After paying this bill, I redeem the goods for you. When the goods are delivered (purchased), you will receive a notification. If there were several products in the application, then I will notify you of the receipt of all ordered goods.
Give me an disposition to send the goods and pay for shipping
Please choose a delivery method. I’ll pack and weigh the goods, and then send a second invoice to your email with the final amount.
Wait your order delivery
I send the package within 1-2 business days. Parcels have a tracking number. Delivery time depends on the delivery method and remoteness of the recipient.

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Cost of my srvices.

My comission
8% - 15%
of the cost of goods
  • minimum 1500 RUB (~$15...20)
My additional fees
  • $4,5 - in the case that getting from the warehouse of the freight transport company is required
  • $5,5 write a doctor’s prescription for a medication
  • Additional fee may apply for packing large items
  • Additional fee may apply for more than 5 different products in purchase
  • An extra fees may apply depending on your special requests
Also you need to pay
  • delivery from an online store onto address in Russia (if not free)
  • packaging material (the cost of packaging depends on the size and weight of the goods)
  • postal services fees (according to the tariffs of postal companyes)
  • payment system fees

* – can be increased individually

Delivery methods.


Russian Post (air or surface mail)

(with weight and size of parcel restrictions)



(with restrictions)


Courier express delivery CDEK or BXB

(with many restrictions and high price)

Approx. shipping cost (Russian Post) for the cheapest method
0 - 1 KG
33 $/kg
1 - 2 KG
25 $/kg
2 - 4 KG
20 $/kg
4 - 9 KG
15 $/kg
9 - 20 KG
12 $/kg

1. Max. weight of parcel – 25kg and Max. length of item – 1,4m.


2. Max. payment (maximum cost of goods) – 2500 USD

Due to restrictions in the legislation on money transfers.

Methods of money transfer.


Помогу заказать товары из России.

→ Поиск нужных Вам товаров.

→ Приобретение товаров в розничных магазинах (покупка по описанию).

→ Выкуп и приём (либо получение со складов или пунктов выдачи транспортных компаний) интернет заказов(*) из магазинов, которые не осуществляют отправку за границу.

→ Упаковка и отправка товара.

Как это работает.

› Дайте мне ссылку (или описание) и переведите деньги, а я куплю и вышлю Вам товар.

› Не знаете где и как купить, помогу найти товар, выкуплю и отправлю его Вам.

› Без дополнительной оплаты сделаю фото товара, заполню таможенную декларацию, отложу на хранение, объеденю несколько заявок в одну посылку.

Стоимость услуг.

В дополнение к стоимости самого товара, вы оплачиваете:

  • доставку из интернет магазина до адреса в России;
  • в случае, если требуется получение со склада транспортной компании, дополнительно оплачивается 4,5$;
  • мои комиссионные – от 8 до 15% к стоимости товара (минимум 1500RUB);
  • упаковочный материал (стоимость упаковки зависит от габарита и веса товара);
  • почтовые услуги (по тарифам почтовых служб);
  • комиссии платежной системы;
  • если требуется приобретение медикаментов, отпускаемых по рецепту, дополнительно оплачивается простой рецепт врача на препарат – 5,5$
  • дополнительные услуги, требующие больше времени и сил с моей стороны, специальные запросы – оплачиваются отдельно, цена согласовывается индивидуально.

Способы доставки.

  • почта авиа
  • почта наземная
  • EMS (есть ограничения)
  • курьерская экспресс-доставка CDEK, BXB (есть ограничения)

Порядок оформления заявки и оплаты заказа:

1) Заявку в свободной форме направьте на электронный ящик или месенджер.
2) Внесите предоплату за товар.
После отправки заявки, я её обработаю и выставлю счет (расчет). После оплаты данного счета, я выкупаю для Вас товар. Когда товар будет доставлен (куплен), Вы получаете уведомление. Если в заявке было несколько товаров, то я уведомлю Вас о получении всех заказанных товаров.
3) Дайте распоряжение на отправку товара и выбираете способ доставки.
Я упакую и взвешаю товар, а затем направлю второй счёт с окончательной суммой.
4) Оплатите доставку и ожидайте заказ.
После оплаты счета я отправляю посылку в течении 1-2 рабочих дней. Посылки имеют номер для отслеживания. Срок доставки зависит от способа доставки и удаленности получателя.