Rules for working with goods that are luxury items.

The rules apply to jewellery, watches, bags, clothing and other luxury brand products.

  1. Items are purchased only from stores that have a clear return policy. In stores where the purchased goods are non-refundable, goods are not purchased.
  2. If the item is bought from personal ads sites as second-hand or new: such transactions is considered to be final. Full responsibility for the deal lies with the client. No any claims from the client are accepted.
  3. I do not carry out examinations of the authenticity of the goods.
  4. Luxury items usually cost more than the limit for a one-time transfer of funds (99,000 RUB (Russian rubles) in 24 hours), so the transfer is carried out in several stages, which takes several days. Special instructions will be sent additionally.
  5. Items that are works of art (masterwork) or equivalent to them are not subject to purchase.

I hope these conditions do not seem too intimidating to you.
These rules are necessary in the first place to protect You from losing money.

Thank you for understanding.

By entering into a transaction, you automatically confirm your acceptance of these conditions.