Money Back Policy

This policy applies to all orders made on this website or outside this website using the available means of communication.

  1.  Definitions.
    1. Website means Online Store located at and configured for the purpose of selling products over the internet, consisting of a database driven graphical interface.
    2. Consumer (or byer) means an individual user of this website who purchases goods and services for personal or household use.
  2. Return.
    1. Most of the products presented on the website belongs to non-returnable items. For this reason, order returns do not apply. Only in exceptional cases, the issue can be considered and a positive decision taken to return the purchased order.
  3. Buyer protection and refund.
    1. Refunds include the following options:
      – full refund
      – partial refund.
    2. Full Refunds are guaranteed in the following cases:
      – the consumer did not receive the order within a reasonable time (delivery takes more than 120 days);
      – the order was lost due to the fault of the deliverer.
    3. Partial refunds are possible in the following cases:
      – the parcel with the order was detained at customs or was rejected by the customs authority, or other problems with customs clearance of the parcel, except for cases when the buyer deliberately refuses to pay the taxes and duties arising from the passage of customs (the amount for postage will be deducted from the total cost of the order and is non-refundable).
    4. Refunds are not possible and will not be made in the following cases:
      – buyer entered an incorrect delivery address;
      – the package with the order reached the buyers post office, but for some reason the buyer did not receive it (the package was sent to the sender after the due storage period);
      – the parcel with the order reached the buyers post office with the status of unsuccessful delivery, but after the due storage period it was not sent to the sender (erroneous assignment of statuses by the postal service, the parcel was delivered, but the status was not updated);
      – the buyer deliberately refuses to pay taxes and fees arising from the passage of his order through customs;
      – force majeure, incl. war, quarantine, pandemic.
  4. Other conditions.
    1. Payment system commissions, as well as exchange rate differences, are deducted from the refund amount and are not compensable.