How to pay with ethereum

Make payment using Ethereum (Ether, ETH) cryptocurrency.

even if you don’t have cryptocurrency, you can simply buy it with a credit/debit card and send it as payment.

How to buy cryptocurrency?

buy it with a card VISA or MasterCard

The easiest way to buy Ether with a credit card would probably be
Available in web version or mobile app.

More exchange services

You can choose a more convenient option and the option with the lowest fees

Or find more other exchange offers here:

How does this work?

Ethereum (ETH)


You send ethereum directly to my wallet

* Freewallet may request additional information to identify you


0x01E6DA4408D00e05624Cc4337dD2173692977Fc2 Copy

Network: Ethereum (ERC20)

If you already own of ETH cryptocurrency you can send it on address above.

Network must be only Ethereum (ERC20) using another network will result in loss of funds!

There are some screenshots to clear the process:

Download the EXE file with calculator of the exchange rate from Russian Rubles (RUB) to Ethereum (ETH)

for Windows OS x64 only.

Enter sum in RUB and press enter. File need internet conection to get realtime exchange rates.


updated 06 Jun 2022 v1.3