How to send money with Paysend

1. Open the site

2. Register on the site

3. Now you can start transfer the money

4. Choose Kazakhstan and “KZT” as currency recipient gets
(!) If you are client of my forwarding service, then fill amount from calculation spreadsheet to “Recipient gets” field.

“You pay” amount – get from your invoice

5. Add cards:

recipient card number (you can choose at your discretion)


6. On next step follow the instruction on website to complite payment:

Copy details from here to fill in:

Country: Kazakhstan

Full Name*: Zagornyuk Natalya Petrovna

(* – First name: Natalya; Second Name: Zagornyuk; Patronymic: Petrovna)

Date of birth: 12 Jun 1961

E-mail: [email protected]

Recipient’s address:

Country: Kazakhstan

City: Kokshetau

Adress: Shalgyndy, dom 22

Zip: C00Y0Y2

Card number [MasterCard]: 5257 5201 2971 8181

Currency of recipient: KZT (Kazakhstani Tenge)

Delivery to some countries is not possible

We have added a new alternative payment method (using cryptocyrrency).