How to send money to Russia with

1. Open the site

2. Register on the site

3. Now you can start transfer the money

4. Choose Russia and “RUB” as currency recipient gets
(!) If you are client of my forwarding service, then fill amount from calculation spreadsheet to “Recipient gets” field.

“You pay” amount – get from your invoice

5. Add cards:

recipient card number (you can choose at your discretion)



6. On next step follow the instruction on website to complite payment:

Copy details from here to fill in:

Country: RUSSIA

Full Name*: Sergey Aleksandrovich Savenko

(* – First name: Sergey; Second Name: Savenko; Patronymic: Aleksandrovich)

Date of birth: 14 April 1985

E-mail: [email protected]

Recipient’s address:

Country: Russian Federation

City: Omsk

Adress: 5 Armii 3-52

Zip: 644122

Card number [MasterCard]: 5158 7660 9355 6228


Card number [Visa]: 4377 7237 6973 2268

Currency of recipient: RUB (Russian rubles)