How to send money to Russia with Western Union

1. Open the site

2. Register on the site

Fill in the form fields

Next need to confirm your email address

Go to check your email

Enter pin

3. Now press link “Send money” and choose country Russia in “Send to” field

4. Now look at your invoice


5. Choose bank account (2) and debit card (3), and fill “Send amount”(4) field.

Get total amount from invoice less fee (2.99$). Total transfer (5) must be equal Total in your invoice.


6. Now need to fill all fields of recipient details

Copy details from here to fill in:

First Name: Sergey

Last Name: Savenko

Patronymic: Aleksandrovich

Street Address: 5 Armii str. 3-52

City: Omsk

State: Omsk obl.

Zip: 644122

Phone Code: 7

Phone Number: 9994701485

Email: [email protected]


Branch Name: MOSCOW

Account Number: 40817810300401122966

Please choose in “Purpose of transaction” – Family Support/Living Expenses

Local bank identification code: 044525214


7. On next step add your card and address

Almost done.

On next step check all information about transaction and after successful sending money you get MTCN code.

You must send this code to me so I can get your transfer.


Congratulations, you have successfully sent money!